Holiticks 105

Our martyrs bristled As their souls bantered In hysterical fervency Their concerns were for us For the flock of Rudderless sheep in whom Ignorance had built a mighty Castle and freedom languidly What it really was; illusion. Such sheep As we were But later, watch them In their dark havens Uphill! And hidden sanctuaries Downhill! […]


The distress of your State. Your state Of existence The malevolence of Your remembrance. Evil!

Ohun (Illimitable sound)

And on the edge Of life I stood Waiting for my service Praying for a end To this unholy and swift Unleashing of myself Into the realm of Human being. I watched them all Little – runts – that – they – were Helpless! Helplessly, I watched them. I heard the VOICE A voice in […]

Complete it yourself (I can’t, I’m tired)

Their screams Permeated my consciousness Pierced it with such Impunity. Alacrity That my fragile being had No need of. I, on the pinnacle Of human being Thriving as it were On the fringe of mundane religion. Recluse! Hermit god Their screams broke My perfect state. I, god God? Maybe God? All that was out Of […]


Drifting on and on Like a piece of Sorely missed cloth Forgotten in a Desert of unstatic mud This is my state An ever – present state An unstatic reality For me. Unstatic Not in presence But unstatic in degree So I stay soiled and Drifting, remember Unwhole and missed. A lost piece of Precious […]