Isiomnia II

Original Works

Dear little Isioma
Pure and stupid
Oblivious to her
Impending expiration on
Lucifer’s imperfect earth.

She lives in smiles
Forced and genuine
Smiles from the pit of hell
Deceptive ones that cruelly masked
Her thinning body.


Outside the disease (Synopsis of a Phase)

Original Works

I watch it all
From my premium
Place of serene Anger
Happy that the resolution seemed
To at last be here

The mind- resolve
The acceptance of my being
And the unsavoury vagaries that
Come with that
Evil Thing

I watch the world
Toss, turn then sleep
Aloof as can be
In need of none
Person or object
Harnessing as much of the beautiful pain
That it feeds me

And nothing touches me
Just as I touch nothing

Nothing knows me
And I know nothing in turn