Blind as a..

I had a bird In my hands And it’s feathers All light and Smooth and I thought it beautiful For I was blind. And four senses And thoughts Were my only Blessings I had a shoe A pair actually And I loved them so For I was told they Were of many colors Like that […]

Eyes shut wide

Now, my eyes Are open to The darkness that is your Filthy love The evil that is your putrid heart. But it’s too late I’m broken already And like broken china Fine and innocent I’ll never be fixed. All respite however Beautiful will be Glue. Glue that won’t Help my broken heart As it sees […]


Questions are necessary maladies the kind of which oxygen is. And like oxygen, these questions are selfish, give some take plenty. They stay in your lungs choking you— your whole breath apparatus till you acquiesce bend over to their yearnings. Give in and then you’ll live or you mightn’t for are they (questions) not like […]


Men have killed fellows in cold blood while theirs was hot and their gazes were taut and cold. They stabbed and knew no guilt They shot and shot and with every bang or click or blast, with every trigger pulled, their conscience died a little. Whimpering at the foot of God begging to be saved […]

Happiness: Cocaine or Suicide

He who in fantastic moods dreams of pain had better beware of it’s fruition. And he who dreams of depression better learn the important art of being wary of it. For pain is permanent, never unfelt never painless – branded forever! It’s there for all to see, and for you to hide. Its always present […]

Goth Chic

I loved a girl once in my own little, despicable way. I cherished her happiness and in her smiles, all my sorrow (a great number of) were forgotten. I admired from afar died in her pain flourishing in her victories But as life was beautiful to my weary mind, so was it cruel to my […]