Arson of the alarmist

An horde Of artificial people Staring back at me Calling for the blood to cease Flow in my veins And that the breathe should Stop powering my lungs – my metal lungs. I lunge with my legs Steely and heavy clinging To the railings at the border One leg with death The other with preservation […]

Man, very man

It begins The dissolution of all Of your dreams And the annihilation Of your reality. You are dumped in A crevice Forgotten and left In the vacuum unending To whimper. To howl. To bemoan The injustice of it all. Your ambitions are suckled Scene by painful scene By life’s lip hold On your bleak, gloomy […]

Indoctrination doctor

Don’t tell it To the kids Don’t plant such insanity In their crude minds It is logic It is reason and therefore The most evil of things Here Take fear Take half-truths And a huge dose of fantastic illusions. Feed them with these Day, night and without cease