Man, very man

It begins The dissolution of all Of your dreams And the annihilation Of your reality. You are dumped in A crevice Forgotten and left In the vacuum unending To whimper. To howl. To bemoan The injustice of it all. Your ambitions are suckled Scene by painful scene By life’s lip hold On your bleak, gloomy […]

Indoctrination doctor

Don’t tell it To the kids Don’t plant such insanity In their crude minds It is logic It is reason and therefore The most evil of things Here Take fear Take half-truths And a huge dose of fantastic illusions. Feed them with these Day, night and without cease

Blood, cum and vulgarity

I knew this girl once But then, I had to kill her Send her soul to the nether Where I’d kept other Unlucky known souls in a Contraption of my making There, they are to be forgotten Till my own time comes And my soul be condemned To the haziness that is The everlasting unexplored […]


Mirages are devils Your father probably told you Quite cynically too Aim for permanence Strive for eternity Society has always taught you Quite harshly too perhaps Your father never regaled You with tales Of the mirage’s beauty And the impetus of dreams They conjure in your mind. Of the impress of a Great hope in […]