the Real…

I buried my dreams In my sleep And arise to the Vignettes that create This reality where Other realities collide. The realities are Ugly. The extension of Self distortion; the birth of mockery. A quiet perpetual Triumph for rabid foolishness.

Outside the disease (Synopsis of a Phase)

I watch it all From my premium Place of serene Anger Happy that the resolution seemed To at last be here The mind- resolve The acceptance of my being And the unsavoury vagaries that Come with that Evil Thing I watch the world Toss, turn then sleep Aloof as can be In need of none […]


The world Bathes in the slime That marks its Guilty inventions. The inventions themselves sons of Heavy filth that Thrive unfettered in the Unventilated innards of Man’s mental architecture.

1000 HP

The gentle shock That death affords Is the mind’s remedy. A grand mercy A beautiful solace From the life and world That torment it so.

Holiticks 105

Our martyrs bristled As their souls bantered In hysterical fervency Their concerns were for us For the flock of Rudderless sheep in whom Ignorance had built a mighty Castle and freedom languidly What it really was; illusion. Such sheep As we were But later, watch them In their dark havens Uphill! And hidden sanctuaries Downhill! […]