No future

Look at them Happy in their evil Grown feet Wayward minds. Yes sir, They’re the poisoned teens. They go up And high is the Only low they indulge in. Happiness to them Is abstract and For now they chase It’s smoky shadows.

Throwing Negritudinal tenses around

All my life I’d been beautiful in mind and physique. To the eye and the mighty pen was I divine! I moved with the highest personages and made my fortunes there. And all I had was my beguiling cunning beauty. I watched hearts soften at the sight of my smooth black skin and the ebony […]


I, Great souvenir Of woe Bought at a Cutthroat price From the smelly Blood-letting place Of the miser socialist. I, Capitalist.

Untainted and Gritty

And Are we not gold? One and all of us Shiny, raw and Glorious – untapped even. Jewels of violence Bearers of heavy guilt Refining ourselves At least on the outside Yet still remaining Inside ourselves, Pieces of glittery gold Though broken into A thousand unequal shreds, Crude and pure As the finest of gold […]

These too may pass

In those moments When men’s spirits Are spritely And their souls Trot to an hidden Rhythm of intensity With their hearts Filled with an Ecstacy so glamorous Yet so inexplicable, Do they stop In reflective sobriety And wonder at life’s contrast? And at the adulterous Shame that is fortune? Or Do they just Throw worry, […]

Persistence of mockery 

And the pain was surreal. And the clocks wouldn’t stop melting. And the horde wouldn’t stop clamoring. “Down with him Down with the head of the surreal!”

Such beautiful things (On the sly)

These emotions tattooed with sadness on the thin skin of my soul etched deep inside in words that can’t be understood with allusions that can’t be deciphered and with meaning meaner than gibberish. In all this incoherence my soul’s skin is fraught with, the only constants easily seen and readily garnered are Pain and a […]