The optimist and the cynical drunk

Thrones will kill us all
Royalty will end existence
Queens and princes will plot our fall
As kings and their daughters use wicked sense

Humankind will worship you
If you are good and bold
Nonsense!!for everyday I know
A glorified hogwash that no longer must be told

I do not purport my friends
To understand this earth of misery
Nor do I not know my wisdom’s ends
But I do know death in one and in many

Man rushes to oblivion
Leaving the earth worse
But do you now see the connexion
Between the plain and the Morse

My words are gibberish
A pile of turd piled by a fool
A fool whose only vice is English
A fool who’s tired of being Mother Nature’s tool

Humanity has no solution
It’s messiahs have long been fallen
In conspiracy and scythes of friction
Fictional messiahs whose births never happen

Insanity and sadness
Our only solace
Don’t you see my drunk highness?
Humanity is the problem, the endless menace

Religion, Money all scurvy and artificial
Blamed for the sins of the constant
Man’s thinking left forever provincial
If he thinks righteousness his confidante

Smiles and slurs abound here
Get away with your cynical wail
Humanity and it’s conceited air
Smiling even on destruction’s sail

Give me my gay bottle now
Forget my mouth uttered a word
To my bed let me bow
For I am naught but an English victual of turd


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