Human of War

Rejoicing gaily in the morning
My enemies know fear nor fright
They forget my promise of mourning
For my battle cries alone rule the night

I attack them in their sleep
Remove their heads from bosoms of their wives
As delectable trophies,their skulls I shall keep
An happy reminder of their miserable lives

Their houses I will plunder
Their cities I will pillage
Their subjects I will oppresivelly cower
As they come to face with my carnage

My sword shall rust
From the great number of blood it had claimed
As I fall their bodies to dust
Their fleeing legs now lamed

Their children I will find
Kill the strong, enslave the weak
And their wives shall I bind
And use for perverse, sadist pleasures i seek

For I am come to kill
To destroy and to cart away
To remove from this earth any chance to heal
I am only human, this has always being my way


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