The madness in my soul
The cry for help
The insanity that engulfs me
Driving me steady to my hell

The death of my happiness
Paranoia reigns supreme
My mind is a putrid mess
Trapped in a disturbing revelry

People don’t know nothing
Yet they judge me
For something beyond my powers
A mind, a life I can’t control

Sneers at my self
The man in the mirror
I don’t recognize
Was this ever my face??

I’m lost
I’m helpless
Still I don’t want you to help me
Nor do I need your God to save me

A sure evil abiding in my soul
Gripping me
The fucker just won’t let go
But good is an even worse thing

My nights are cold
My days filled with torment
Why can’t pain let go
Of its hold on my neck

My life thins out gradually
A cancer in my bones
The shrinks will see nothing
What the fuck do they know

I am psychotic
Another damned existence
Hollow here and in places beyond
But for now, let me commune with my demons


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