The Mental Narcissus 

Fellow human, know this
I love my neighbor
I hate my enemies
If you do not love my neighbor
Or hate my enemies
You shall join this circle
A vicious one
Whether you like it or not
Alas! For are you not a friend?
A supporter of my whims
An abeter of my indulgences

Hater of things I abore
Lover of things I adore
Good or bad
Are you not my friend?
In evil intents and in noble ones
If you are my friend, Fellow human
You must hate that man
Or I shall friend another
And proclaim you enemy
You wouldn’t want that would you?
I would really hate hating you

For as a man of peace as you know well enough
I hate hate
But do you not see??
I ask you one simple thing – two actually
Hate on my behalf
Love on my command
A simple things –
No way disturbing
I would hate to hate you
So fellow human,
Hate my enemies, love my neighbor


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