The humane thing

He is nasty
A pathetic worm
So distasteful
So reviled
Burn him!
Tie him to that very stake

He is a sinner
He even did the dirty with another man’s wife
What a shame
He has made our heads mad
We hate him
Such a vile thing

Burn him now, we say
For we are of pure – stuff
Pure in our spirits
Flushed of guilt in our bones
To behold such a living abomination
A big glory to the ruler that burns him first

He has interfered in our wars
Killed women and children
He had no mercy
Look! He even shows no remorse
Tell me why should he not be burnt
He who is so hardened in his conceited evil

We have said our piece
We leave now
Into oblivion and nothingness
You shall see us never again, but still we say
Humanity must be purged, destroyed
Tis the only way we of earth can be appeased


2 thoughts on “The humane thing

  1. Man, you lure me here with your Rock and Roll talk, and now you’ve gone and made me think about stuff. ‘Flushed of guilt in our bones’ that line feels so damn relevant to modern thinking. I heard the Dalai Lama say once that the machinery of war had taken us further and further away from the act of killing. Great poem. Oh, and Rock till Death babe.

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