Mediocre Fuckers The World Is

We, the magnifiers of mediocrity
It’s everywhere like Kante
In our bones, our marrows
In our veins, in our mirrors
We justify its existence
We propagate its tenets
Dipped ourselves in its enticing techniques
We became acolytes of the act
But haters of the word
Being false even in our worthiest truths
Being blind
Even in our clearest visions
A Scourge of irony
A constant paradox
Makes you feel superior
Yet makes us hate others
For they are our mirrors
Yet we love ourselves
It’s the worship of mediocrity
The whole word is mediocre
Its every inhabitant
Their every act and thoughtlessness
Their every inaction and thought
Who then am I to aim for more
Who then are you who are less like me
Who will forever be less like we all
To trash my soul
To judge the art that comes from me
Who are you to judge our arts
Who are you to judge our souls
Who are you really? Another mediocre human


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