Immaculate mud
A contradiction so obvious
A filth so flagrant
Yet a prospect so attractive
That like a fly to a pitcher plant
A moth to a flame
And a randy humbug to an unsullied Dame
We are drawn to this aberration
To revel in this sin
Against our souls,mighty abominations
None can understand
Nor can any comprehend
The majesty of a part of the Man
A sublime efficacy it possesses
It’s infinite power
It’s subtle wielding of that power
No, none can understand
The way it deceives Man
Making him think he is master
Master of his mind
Master of his deeds
Master of his fate
Yes, that inconquerable part
The baser instincts of Man
The one that loves him so
The one that destroys him wholly
It’s that part
That rules you now
That ruled you before
And will rule you as long as you are


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