Morphing into something 

We ate what we wanted
Revelled in any meal of the times
We were happy
Truly of cheer in those hours

We danced the tune of gaiety
Watching our movements with flagrant lust
Men lusted after women
Women lusted after men and whatever

We climbed peaks and summits
Our lithe bodies glistening with sweat
As we displayed our freedom with smiles
We were true courtesans of joy

We did as we pleased
Heeded to no one’s call
We had our home, true paradise
It’s now a paradox in summer, in fall

But then a day besotted with evil
A person of stunning stature came
Taught us things
Showed us vision of a new, better freedom

We saw our lives in New light
But weren’t we happy?? We asked
Didn’t we have the earth and its fullness
Weren’t we the Gods of this Eden

We acquiesced to his teachings
We the people of your earth
We are you and you are us
Yet we know not ourselves

We called him King – God, something new
He was rather peevish
And even more were we foolish
And we went along with his yarn

We were spun
Spun by a wheel
A wheel controlled by a vehement will
Of someone we always thought equal

We had being decieved
I’ll withhold the gory privies of that saga
We knew true sadness suddenly
The keys to our happy freedom were now with him

We shall continue screaming
We created your earth, we are your God
Can’t you see, you pathetic human worm
That you are us, for we were and are you

We warn you now human
Shun divinity, shun a practice of it
Shun a lack of divinity and the practice of same
Shun everything, even life

For if we had known as you do now
The God’s best kept secret
We would have served it
It is death human, it is death 


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