The fearful ones that wreak art

A prodigy of these arts of earth
A master of the seduction of elements
Yet everytime he makes his wondrous art
Though a great number they have being,
He secretly worries in his heart
Will the muse stay?
Will whatever fuel that drives his grand mind tarry?
Shall he be opportuned
By the Lords Of Art
The otherworldly beings
To make another piece of Art
Or is this his last?! 
Will he lose the muse now?
These dastardly recurring fears of his


2 thoughts on “The fearful ones that wreak art

  1. Haha. Nice blog caption. Well, I once read a philosopher’s work and he had written : when you look through all the dictionaries and still cannot find the words for your thoughts, that’s when you write a poem.

    the poem’s rad too.

    Liked by 1 person

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