Hate Yourself : The Almighty deciphering Of You

The corruption of yourself
That which you attributed to other forces
Other forces and their corruption
Which they attributed to you
An error which you are
An error which you have always being
You are doomed
Utterly fucked
And yet you blame
And yet we blame
I laugh in my mighty incoherence
As i spew this gibberish
But can’t you laugh too??
Won’t you laugh
At the joke that is the world
The guilt in our stinky bodies
A mere temple of hidden sins
And a glorification of our own persons
We are our favorite cheerleaders
And life is our ripped horny jock
We cheer to it
For it
Yet we hate it
Or we think we do
This rubbish on my pen’s tip
That makes me maniacal
That’s let me see
The blame that is my existence
The glitch that is us
You and me friend!!
Are fucked
And we have nothing but ourselves to hate or blame
Ourselves and whatever created us


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