Haphazard Resignation To Pessimism 

I’m tired of searching
Searching my abyss of a soul
Searching the world
Looking for a meaning
To it all
Asking questions
Getting no answers
Making confessions
And still void of the promised unburdening of pain
I’m weary of everything
But I know you are too
Weary of the proverbial system
Leery of an invincible government, humanity
But we’ll laugh and define ourselves
Liberal, conservatives, others
Progressive, regressive – confused
Bad, worse and evil or good
Something or Nothing
Everything or anything
But like fiery docile sheep, we choose to be something
Godless or nay
Slaves to a perpetual, subtle conformist whim
I’m just tired
Of being the sour faced, worldweary boy
A distinct evangelist of woe
Who could never conjure light and dainty
From his sick, low class pens of poetry
But perhaps it’s because like you i know,
The doom that is the world
It’s unresponsive calamity of a bad system
The irredemabilty of its every quirk
The encompassing worthlessness of every single phenom
I’ve lost the battle for hope, haven’t you?


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