little Jewels we Deject

We are all going down
To an abyss dark and putrid
So for what use is the rush
Or the incessant noise

Humans chatter and fight
Over who gets what
And what is right
Each in a bid to better his lot

Yet we know afore the struggle
That it is all for naught
And dying and useless as our many efforts are,
We do not relent in making them

Careless and seldom thinking
The human race rushes to the horde
Each to scramble and squabble over rubbish
Meagre rubbish poached from an unending store
of Jewels

We see the end
Plenty or poverty for us perhaps
But all that is fickle
As humanity will always suffer regardless

Let’s hold our knives now
Thrust them deep in our guts
Answer this unhid call for suicide
For murder
End our lives
Ditch the rat races
Quit being human – become unsuitable


3 thoughts on “little Jewels we Deject

  1. Dark and angsty. The kind that was prepared to go all the way to the end, and it did. Thematically and attitude-wise. It made me uncomfortable. Like they said in Six Feet Under, art is at another level if it evokes a physical reaction, pleasant or otherwise.

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