Cause of Death : Mind 

Clothe your fears
Cloak your apprehensions
In grim vases of gaiety
And forced evergreen moments of clarity
But you know the Futility of your efforts
And the weight of your recurring yet impending fate

Hide your tears
Throw melancholy to the wind – subconscious
As you construct a carefree smile
And plaster a gaze sore lovely
Yet these won’t rescue you
For that which comes sees neither smiles
Nor does it recognize fine humor

Running from your life
Hiding from your mind
As you deny who you are – disturbed and deranged
And chase your belated antithesis
But that, all that is of no import
For your demons have come to roost

So, as you inevitably die in this miserable, vicious cycle
One whose wheels were never in your control
Do hurt yourself
Take some sharp thing and incessantly debase your blood vessels
But, please do not snuff the last breath off your lungs
For that privilege
That of killing you is reserved for your great abnormal mind.


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