Slit his throat
He that has raped you
Remember the pain, the unending torment
Exact revenge

Spill his entrails
As you recollect his sneer of pleasure
The night he took your soul
And humped away at it

Let your beast come to the fore
Let your heart turn to stone
Cold and unyielding
As your moment arrives

Remember the night that was
That can’t be erased
Even the indifferent heavens cried for you
Let them smile now, end him

Recall how he called you weak
As the law set him free
His hideous smirk
Immoral and mockingly smug

Do think back
At your useless toil for justice
Your endurance of petty derision
An outcast status within your own gender folk

Oh! How society scorned you
Called you names dogs would bristle at
Slut, whore and the horrid likes
All because you were just another weak female form

But now, you can prove them all wrong
Cast off these aspersions of weakness
Reclaim your fast dilapitating mind
Destroy your demons
Kill this man and every other


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