​Joined at the hips with vanity
We danced at its many fairs
Buttocks swung our each and every way
And many corruptions over us held sway

We danced of the times
And memorised its debauched sonorous rhymes
Frolicking with cuddly nihilism
Borne forth from a piquely attractive charm

We believed nothing
Yet our souls preached all manner of things
Bouncy and wary our inner beings,
The lure of nothing always prevailed yet

Those times have since come to an end
Age has made our knees weak and bent
Brutally like beasts to their human betters
And sheep to their wolfish masters

Alas! Age, time’s blessed wife will get you too
Beckoning with its shimmery, draculan smile
We reckon you’ll have a jolly life
Being the laughing stock of the young and easily bored

Now, we must walk
This final mile
We are exhausted now in action and talk
Because time and its accursed companion have hexed our springy steps with bile


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