I saw God everywhere
(Or a God-apparition perhaps?)
On and in everything
Living and unyielding
In that field of great gore
On the bloodied grass
Holding the green stalks dignified
As they received man after man
Blood in buckets!
Spilled from the veins of fallen men

And i saw God in the men too
In their eyes
Their fucking blood-soaked eyes
As they beheld their deaths
And caused that of others
I saw This God urging them on
In their rabid bloodlust
Stoking the flames
Prodding them on
‘Go on, stick him in’ God and some nascent voice of the otherworld seemed to say
And they did – the men did
All the while screaming
Hailing too
Foe and man
Man and foe
In one uniformly raucous voice

‘For God and Pussy’
And they killed
And God was in their words
As was this: Pussy-thing
In their swords too
But God didn’t die
They did
And Pussy never wept for the men
She wept for their swords
Neither did God bleed
They did
Their swords made sure of that

I saw God that day
In all his power
I saw his disreputable companion too
Pussy – Nasty Bugger


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