Woke up in a daze
Dizzy and bloodied
With blood that isn’t mine.
I don’t remember a thing
(though it seems to come back now)
My head’s spinning all around me
Was it the drugs?
Or was it just my mind again?
Up to its usual sadist tricks
Pushed me to gruesome murder -again?

I remember it now
Quite clearly –
My loss of control
The night before
Some Satan in my blood
All of this in grim conjunction with
My derelict mind
Seemed to will my body
Commanding it to “do it”
And surely, It did I do

Yes,I did some Acid
A little coke and some other
Unnameables too
But my mind was the grave catalyst
The final straw

And so I confess,
to these journals of the earth
wispy ravens of the devil
of the atrocities
my mind wrought with my knife.
T’was some Girl last night
Dead and split open
Her eyes trapped in fear, pleas and fine yielding
Even now,
I try to deplore her image
Unholy as it is in my mind
But I can’t help it
I slowly grin and glory in
My sure insanity
And then just then
I fuckin’ crank up the Metal

And so,
Tonight might be your daughter’s turn
Or your galivanting son’s
To witness the sight of my drunk, drug-addled body
Staggering in dark alleys
Slithering in slimy walkways
Waiting with a smirk
My knife
And the Metal in my Brain


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