I am confused
(seems I always am)
do people stay
or do they just go
fly across an unknown horizon
and never look back
simply soar away.
Or do we meet again
after our parting
and our meaningless movings-on.
Do these leaving people
look back
wonder about us
wonder if at all we wonder about them?
Do they laugh
at our glaring imperfections
do they ruminate, toss and turn thinking if we had any saving graces.
Or do they just sigh another faint, tired sigh
mute and almost imperceptible
and meld our thousand faces
into a huge mass of a million other faces.
Do we just become
unavoidable nuances of am earth, mistreating and unfair
their greatest cage and undoing

Are our faces remembered
faintly though as they were viewed or are they just forgotten?


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