I’m leaving reason
I’m dumping all this reserve
It isn’t me
I’m spontaneous
I’m bad mouthed
Not some suave boy
Not just another fucking
Teenage rebel
Expected to outgrow his fiery intellect
Once life’s realities dawn on him

I’m not just an anarchist
I am fucking Anarchy
In my head
My soul
My body
I fuck when I want to
And when I fucking don’t – even
I’m formless
But I hate Sun Tzu
And all other bastards who want
To make me

Fuck you all
Fuck school
Fuck Teachers
Fuck whatever passes for society these days
And because I love you mom
Love being the most shitty mediocre thing on
Planet fucking Earth
Fuck you too

Its this rage
In my head
Pounding and unyielding
I want to seek
Then fucking destroy
I want big government in my palms
Then all its opposition in the fucking grave
I want the F word to be everyone’s middle name
Yet I’ll kill everyone who’d obey me

I want rancour
I want discord
These are small things I ask
Small blessings
Pure fucking Anarchy
Hail a bitch for me
I’d fuck all tricks too
Immediately I pronounce a death
Judgement on them all


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