Addictive Boredom

My mind is bored
Bored out of its own mind
And so that cycle
Of my mind’s mind –
Boredom goes
And deeper.
No remedy
At all.
Everything seems
Far fetched
Too easy
Too hard
Too stressful
Too good for me.
This boredom has
Spawned many things
Many odious things:
Thoughts that were not mine
Thoughts that maim sanity
Evil thoughts, monstrous actions.
I’m becoming a product
Of my mind’s boredom
The perfect breeding place for
Old Nick’s work.
I feel like surrendering
To something small
But then again,
I’m too lazy for that.
I like the thoughts
Boredom brings,
But I hate the boredom
And its curt lethargy
My mind works
Without cease
Yet it can’t find
An energetic and moving verb
My hands shake
And the pad quakes
I think I need an addiction.
A new addiction;
Something, someone new


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