Fright. Child. Shadows

fuck my mind
for those who can’t sleep

I’m scared of the night
And its incomprehensible everythings

Its cold
a special brew
dancing within
my frail heart
tormenting my bones
speaking ill to my muscles
trapping my chilled soul in fear

Its air
the harbinger of
its messages
its subliminal messages
that disturb my mind
assuring me of things
which are not
blurring the thin lines
that walk my fragile sanity

Its darkness
its distinct darkness
dark apart
from the darkness of mine
of the earth
of the plain, sunned day.
That darkness is
It’s closing in on me
It’s here now
howling silently in tandem
with my unsettled heartbeat

Its shadows – threatening and hovering
that never leave
yet are invincible.
I feel my shadow
grin in derision
even as i whimper
and cower
before the night’s
awful dread.
He mocks me
mocks my weakness and
human helplessness
at the hands of
Nature’s denizens.

Then he waits
he keeps
with me this vigil
in the night’s darkness
in my staunch insomnia
as I pray for
the end of my waking


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