One off

[FilthyMinds]: Sometimes.. sometimes

[FilthyMinds]: You’re dead i know but when you lived, breathed this same miserable oxygen we did.

[FilthyMinds]: Did you live in monotony or did you ask life questions

[FilthyMinds]: Did you strive for your answers. We’re dead too. All of us trapped in regret in the hereafter of our makings – rustic, austere and dead as we ourselves are.

[FilthyMinds]: And we thought  God was real, we worshipped him

[FilthyMinds]: We did such things as we were told made him happy

[FilthyMinds]: We even killed for him

[FilthyMinds]: We believed what they told us. Just like you did too, my fellow in this cold void

[FilthyMinds]: Feel this death, the death of your ignorance

[FilthyMinds]: Feel divinity’s hold over you fall and wither

[FilthyMinds]: Feel this pain feel this pleasure, feel this indifference, this nothingness

[FilthyMinds]: For in here is neither succour nor pain, Heaven nor Hell

[FilthyMinds]: In here is a slice of time carved for us the spirits of the sheepish dead.


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