Nonsense, Pure Nonsense

With her arms
wrapped around mine
our scents filling the air
assuredly poisoning the
atmosphere with our collective arousal.
Our hands roaming,
discovering new places
new things and the
exquisite pleasure they bring.

With our tongues
locked in loving combat
teeth grazing and nibbling
on lips, our moans grew,
lived and died in each others’
We kissed the kiss of
passion – fire and
sin so pleasurable.

My hands cupped
her magical mammaries
as my eyes – my boyish eyes
found delight in their shapely roundness. In my mind
I thought; “here was perfection
come to take me away.”
Her moans awakened me from
my pleasure induced stupor
as I tortured her breasts with
with my clumsy tongue.
Her head arched back
her eyes pleading the heavens
her mouth uttering such things that
casually observing ears could
not understand but of which
was perfect​ sense to young
lovers as we were.

She finally brought​ her head around
with a defiant tug at my
hand that had strayed to her
Sweetness down there.
And with a discipline
that belied her immense
want of gratification, she said the words my ears longed for:
“Come, lover, take me”
And happy duties were done


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