People Of the Sea I

We were poor
myself and my people
poorer than the
barren earth we lived in.
We toiled for ages
and got sickeningly paltry
sustenance in return.
For all our poverty though,
we never knew fighting
too hungry to fight
all poor all miserable.
We lived in a miserable peace,
saving our strengths. Hoping
to die each and one of us

Until they came!
The people from the vast
White water.
Yes! Until they came

They were plum
their gazes rosy
and unblemished in
pure ivory-ness.
Shame which had never
occured to us in our
stupendous slavery
appeared in folds of hundreds.
Here was a people,
civilised, white
and evidently prosperous.
In fact we felt dwarfed
and as dwarfs who know their
position as dwarfs are wont to do,
we acted like dwarfs.


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