Happiness: Cocaine or Suicide

He who in
fantastic moods
dreams of pain had
better beware
of it’s fruition.
And he who dreams
of depression
better learn the
important art of
being wary
of it.

For pain is
permanent, never unfelt
never painless – branded forever!
It’s there for all to see,
and for you to hide.
Its always present
to stab you
and leave you in regret
of your headstrong folly.
“Run, child run!”
your mind would warn
but to your doomed path
of endless torment would you reside.

If pain then is the
propelling mechanism of your utter
depression would be the slide thorny
and hot that leads you to
the state of nothing.
Pinching your mind in
a billion places all
at once – here, there – everywhere!
Ensuring the gradual
deterioration of your mind’s state.

You’ll become like rain
cast out by an intolerant sky
locked out by unwelcoming
roofs and doors and windows
left to mingle with the rubbish
on the dirty fields
trodden by heavy, dirty boots
and shiny with horrid vermin.

All these sorrows
and a great many more
awaits ye of gay, sane
mental constitutions who
romanticize our mind struggles.
Incoherence and emptiness.
Silver lining though:
You’ll find great kinship here.


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