Untainted and Gritty

Are we not gold?
One and all of us
Shiny, raw and
Glorious – untapped even.
Jewels of violence
Bearers of heavy guilt
Refining ourselves
At least on the outside
Yet still remaining
Inside ourselves,
Pieces of glittery gold
Though broken into
A thousand unequal shreds,
Crude and pure
As the finest of gold can be


4 thoughts on “Untainted and Gritty

  1. Boy you’re on a roll, like on a permanent one. If there’s a thing called a writer’s block you have the opposite. Writer’s dysentery, lol ?

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      1. Are you submitting your poems to magazines? You should. Good stuff. Grim and gritty, agreed, but its good grit. The kind of which I search in King’s books.
        Or maybe collect them all and publish them via a publisher (traditional) or go the self-publish road. I’d buy it, and I’m a tough buyer.

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        1. I’ll consider those routes sometime bro.. I’ve definitely been considering it.. but I’ll have to get out of some little quagmires and I’ll have to consider my personal idiosyncrasy – the fact you wrote it doesn’t mean it’s yours. I’m gonna die poor asf

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