Throwing Negritudinal tenses around

All my life
I’d been beautiful
in mind and physique.
To the eye and
the mighty pen was
I divine! I moved
with the highest personages
and made my fortunes there.
And all I had
was my beguiling
cunning beauty.

I watched hearts
soften at the sight of
my smooth black skin
and the ebony flush it
possessed. I fell
the greatest of intellects
with a line of my easiest riddles and
cowered foreign Kings
with a mild-mannered word
as their
Queens kept watch
outside my domain to woo
me with petty affection
and wanton gazes.

I was great
under the scorching
sun that engulfs
our land.
I am the wanted but
damnedly elusive essence.
The African creation
of hateful postmodernism.


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