Resist. Retract. Repeat

“You don’t understand”
They’ll say
Preaching from their
High towers
And venerated offices.
They’ll bludgeon every and
Any possibility of a future
While raising your naive
Hopes of it. They are
Neither here nor there
Never for us
Always against us.
They preach of their
Own necessity and the
Simpering cronies and the
Servile here of mass simpletons
Would too.
“Big brother watches you because
It must and because you can’t be trusted
With your own life” – Bosh!
And you’ll whimper
Cowered in your rank seats
Eating meals of affliction
Laughing with the cheer of the
Ignorant scorned and
Thanking uncaring phantom divines
For the minute respites you accrue.
You are a dead, rotting carcass
Of rancid, breathing life
The refuse of an unloving hierarchy.
The dregs of the system’s failures


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