Wince from within (Kemper)

So much
latent anger
in this
frail heart I own
waiting to jailbreak
out of its feeble prison
wanting to be loose
upon the largely
unsuspecting mass
wailing and howling at times
for its release
for its inevitable unleashing.
It knows
it’s on a leash
that has grown shorter
and flimsier
as my mind’s
dilapidation advances.

Day on day
this anger gets
hungrier and more
prominent in my reality.
Subliminally killing my will
to fight. Breaking down my will
to conform.
And I’ll succumb – we all do
We all should… to the
resident evils we possess.
I’ll expose my mind
to the screams of oblivious
humanity and close my ears and
hearts to its horrors.


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