Ìkìlọ bàa mí (My father’s warning)

I still remember My father’s rapid and Ragged monotone Inordinately firm even With its bearer lying In a puddle of his own blood Sure and aware that life Was quickly exiting his Old loins. I remember the distinct feel. Even now, aeons later inmy Bondage. You could never miss That booming masterpiece of Raw, wise […]

The place of taunts, your country

We were born In a dispensation of jinxes And grew up in The era where realisation Of their indomitable nature Set in. These jinxes we left Our children alongside Relics of evil and Talismans of definitive hate Such as our forebears bequeathed Us – Lords of the Manor of Jinxes. Hence we watch Helpless and […]

Beneath your gaze

We live in the sewers beneath you Live as your waste of flesh. We’re burned out by the rain Cooled by your coal. Leave us in our squalor And dank darkness Leave us to our plight And abandon us in the bowels of its business. We’re the ones you wouldn’t see The ones you know […]

Ìgbéraga Anjonnu (Pride of a spirit)

In the tongues Most beloved by Ikú (Death) Àlùkò whispered in. Deep into the dead of the night Chanting solemnly the Pleas for invoking the Dreaded phantom of uppity gaze And unparalleled infamy on his Enemies, their friends and family. He called death; sweet, bizarre Names while eulogising its Infinite victories. For is death not […]

Dynamics of division

The river flowed north The rivers filled with the east The river filled with the east Were filled with its blood The blood worried us none For it belonged to those, east of us The East, however cowered not For even now, it laughs as more blood is drawn