Old, useless rooms

The room is dusty with the dust of many ages and it is permanent. It was there in the 80s when I loved my children so. One by one, I watched them go and they rarely come back now for now I am wrinkled and unpresentable. And the dust remains there. Whose hands shall clean […]

People Of the Sea I

We were poor myself and my people poorer than the barren earth we lived in. We toiled for ages and got sickeningly paltry sustenance in return. For all our poverty though, we never knew fighting too hungry to fight all poor all miserable. We lived in a miserable peace, saving our strengths. Hoping to die […]

Floored and Floyd

And what does money know what language(s) does the ever present personage speak? Does it understand gentle prodding. Does it speak the language of the suffering – the slaves of the bourgeoisie. Or is just this quiet cruelty this blatant opportunistic melody that it listens to, that it yields to. Answers are always found and […]

Nonsense, Pure Nonsense

With her arms wrapped around mine our scents filling the air assuredly poisoning the atmosphere with our collective arousal. Our hands roaming, discovering new places new things and the exquisite pleasure they bring. With our tongues locked in loving combat teeth grazing and nibbling on lips, our moans grew, lived and died in each others’ […]