Wince from within (Kemper)

So much latent anger in this frail heart I own waiting to jailbreak out of its feeble prison wanting to be loose upon the largely unsuspecting mass wailing and howling at times for its release for its inevitable unleashing. It knows it’s on a leash that has grown shorter and flimsier as my mind’s dilapidation […]

Pay thy taxes!

Thief! common thief and his merry, fat band of subordinate virtue-rich thieves now protect our virtues. These rogues amongst us are the expectations of the meek and the reward of the insipid onlookers. They are the scourge of the suffering and smiling proletariat and the boldly commonplace majority. And there you have it the magnum […]

Resist. Retract. Repeat

“You don’t understand” They’ll say Preaching from their High towers And venerated offices. They’ll bludgeon every and Any possibility of a future While raising your naive Hopes of it. They are Neither here nor there Never for us Always against us. They preach of their Own necessity and the Simpering cronies and the Servile here […]

Up and shut!

I let her go To avoid your scorn I forsook myself To be accepted by you I am now an Husk of dejection and of Undiluted hate. I am your Perfect example yet I am my own Favorite object of ridicule

Fair gore

I always thought of Life as a stair – that cliché Term of beautiful pens. A stair wrought in gold at It’s meanest and Of shaky sand at It’s highest. Fall now, rise never For the fall is the permanence The balancing of the weighty stair. So rush along – leave me On my golden […]

Ayanwale, Ajayi and Exchequers

His drums Were for the devil was Ayanwale’s drums He’d beat lightly And we’ll feel tempted To leave our work undone Shaking our heads and gazing Glassy eyed at our hoes And cutlasses. We’d reminisce about The evenings spent in gaiety And opiate sedateness. And Ayanwale would laugh Sure of his triumph and proud of […]

Bleak House

It’s a beauty Out there today. There’s pollution and grime Stinging your eyes There’s death Everywhere snug and hidden In plain sight. And the rain Threatens too Presenting observing Eyes a perfect spectacle Of a grotesque collage. It’s a day filled With indecision and slow humans Trudging along.. their legs Sprinkled with mud As they […]