Blood, cum and vulgarity

I knew this girl once But then, I had to kill her Send her soul to the nether Where I’d kept other Unlucky known souls in a Contraption of my making There, they are to be forgotten Till my own time comes And my soul be condemned To the haziness that is The everlasting unexplored […]


Mirages are devils Your father probably told you Quite cynically too Aim for permanence Strive for eternity Society has always taught you Quite harshly too perhaps Your father never regaled You with tales Of the mirage’s beauty And the impetus of dreams They conjure in your mind. Of the impress of a Great hope in […]

Not being God or Man

This monster I created From my genius and sweat And from the grit of my hate Bold and undecipherable It runs free. Wild even Feeds off the earth’s goodness ravenously And mocks my littler emotions. The rancid emotions That had brought it to life. So, I watch askance from afar A useless embodiment of regret […]

Business of masochists

We apologize if these Pages arrive at your Sight bloody and Smelling of fresh death Our fate can’t be helped And our ink couldn’t Be any less red For we draw from life itself To make ink for these drivel we pen As life, tiny and ever giving Makes the best ink

Ìkìlọ bàa mí (My father’s warning)

I still remember My father’s rapid and Ragged monotone Inordinately firm even With its bearer lying In a puddle of his own blood Sure and aware that life Was quickly exiting his Old loins. I remember the distinct feel. Even now, aeons later inmy Bondage. You could never miss That booming masterpiece of Raw, wise […]