The tavern satanist

Six six six! The bane of idiots Three numbers of sameness rule Your life and Dictate all your fears of A hereafter Six six six! Bring me ale or beer To make merry with and A loose damn with many Morals. I shall be the pervert And God, the immoral Harlot. Six six six! Advertisements

For the ones who taught us cowardice

I was useless Just a statue of Many dreams And actions that died in The imagination space. She got hurt Again and again By the world and Its cold wind And ill was always Sure to befall her. And I was left Shook to the centre core Feeling like the Many jackets that Lay about […]

Death Regurgitation

Today, I saw a corpse Embalmed and Preserved in a striking stillness Never to know or worry And never to discern niceties again That gargantuan library of consciousness Gone in an instant Forgotten in the melee of living libraries Destroyed! Elsewhere, an empty Library was birthed On its on way to Its ultimate achievement – […]

Sweet society

I let her go To avoid your scorn I forsake myself To be accepted by you I am now an husk of Dejection. Mold by Your acrid hands. A soldier of self hate. Your perfect puppet And example


Beasts of hope Strewn across All of these cheerful alleys’ Neon lights and Supple sights And the hopes of the Righteous drunk is Cut short and dissipated When the light is brightest And the next person Seems a god of happiness

Buzzing silence

I saw a sign somewhere And on it a beautiful image reigned Unassuming and imposing A man hung in black and white I lived in his obvious happiness No government No life. He was perfect. Dead in the sign